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 The Flood 
Resilient Garden

Created by:

Flood Re, Dr Ed Barsley & Naomi Slade

Coming to the RHS
Chelsea Flower Show
- 2024 -

The Flood Resilient Garden - Designed by Dr Ed Barsley & Naomi Slade.png

"This garden helps us see rainwater as a resource rather than a threat. Its design showcases a wide range of practical and affordable measures to slow, store and release rainwater, and make your garden and home more flood resilient. Crucially, it demonstrates that resilience doesn’t have to be a compromise, and can significantly enhance the form and function of your garden and home."

Ed Barsley

Founder and Director at The Environmental Design Studio, Co-creator of the Flood Resilient Garden

Extreme weather events are putting our homes and gardens at risk of flooding, we can harness the power of nature in our gardens to protect our homes.

Filled with ideas and features to improve flood resilience, this garden is both beautiful and purposeful and will respond and adapt to the challenges of heavy rain and surface water flooding by embracing the water as a feature and harnessing it for future use.  

“I love creating beautiful gardens that are well-adapted to their situation, and I am thrilled to be designing The Flood Resilient Garden, which will bring a real focus on water to Chelsea next year. In the face of climate change and weather extremes, I hope we can inspire our audience with this message of hope and opportunity” 

Naomi Slade

Garden Designer and Author. Co-creator of the Flood Resilient Garden


Flood Re exists to promote the affordability and availability of flood insurance for homes across the UK. Flood Re’s operation promotes a competitive insurance market that customers can take advantage of. Flood Re does not set consumer prices – this remains a decision for insurers to make.
Insurers can place the flood risk element of domestic property insurance with Flood Re at a premium linked to property Council Tax bands. Flood Re sits in the background, with the purchase of the policy and the process of making a claim being unchanged.
The scheme launched on 4 April 2016 as an independent body that is privately owned and operated, whilst also being publicly accountable. Insurers use Flood Re to benefit their customers.
Around half a million homes have now benefited from the Flood Re scheme since its launch in 2016, with four out of five homes with previous flood claims experiencing a price reduction of more than 50%. 98% of homes at risk of flooding are now able to access quotes from more than five of the insurance brands backed by the Scheme.
Flood Re has a rating of A “stable” outlook by Standard and Poor’s, one of the world’s leading independent credit ratings agencies. Flood Re is regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority (firm reference number: 706046).

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