This book has being written as a guide to communicate both the challenges and threats of flood risk alongside the benefits of resilience and adaptation. It combines the latest research findings in flood risk management with practical spatial strategies for adaptation. It is intended for use by architects, homeowners and a wide range of practitioners in the built environment. Strategies are discussed through the use of case studies relating to issues at both the individual property level as well as at a larger scale to consider how communities as a whole can be made to be flood resilient.

The book includes chapters on;

- Flood Risk Hazards
- Types of Flooding
- Flood Risk Management
- Resilience & Recovery
- Tools & Techniques for Assessing Flood Risk
- Catchment & Community Level Strategies
- Property Level Strategies
- Roadmap to a Resilient Future


'An impressive book. Comprehensive and authoritative, it conveys a wealth of information on the causes and impacts of flooding, together with strategies for tackling these at all scales. Copiously illustrated with case studies from around the world, it also features clear depictions of design solutions and hundreds of original diagrams that encapsulate points made in the text and act as useful triggers for design and policy thinking'

Bill Gething, Professor of Architecture, UWE

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