Set on the outskirts of Batticaloa on the east coast of Sri Lanka, the St John’s Vocational Training Centre (VTC) and orphanage have been serving the local community for 24 years. During the last 30 years this town has been traumatised by natural disaster and a brutal civil war. The tsunami in 2004 attracted world-wide media attention, yet the bitter war between the ‘Tamil Tigers’ and the Sri Lankan army went largely unreported. 


Batticaloa was not the scene of the worst fighting, however, it has large range of racial and religious groups in which the tension and violence of conflict have left deep scars. The VTC and orphanage did however survive, yet funds are scarce and the buildings and surrounding land have never been fully utilized. This project proposes a long term vision and strategy for the VTC. The intension is make it a hub to bring together and help transform the local community, and beyond. The strategy is centred around six themes:


- The Sporting Academy

- Diversity, Inclusion & Empowerment

- The Physical Environment
- Relationships, Local & Global

- The Cultural Centre

- Educational


The project will test a novel economic model to help support the full range of themes in the VTC to thrive and grow. 


Project Team:


- Small Acts of Kindness

- Church of American Ceylon Mission (CACM)


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is registered in England & Wales
Company Number: 08551987