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An ESRC funded study to develop new tools for the communication of flood risk. Run in collaboration with Public Health England and the Environment Agency.

A six month research project enhancing the tools for the communication of flood risk developed in the Retrofitting Resilience Study. The project is to be conducted in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, Public Health England and The Environment Agency.  A wide range of tools and techniques were used in the RR Study to understand the spatial and temporal impacts of past flood events and explore the potential consequences of future flood hazards. These tools included: Surveys, Timeline Mapping, Categories Matrix, Interviews, Community Engagement Workshops, Photos, 3D Models, GIS Mapping, and Visualisations. The information gathered ranged from the Household, Street, Community and Catchment scale. The ‘Flood Narratives’ project will improve and adapt these tools and techniques by expanding the use of sound, a method of story-telling and communicating consequences, and develop a process for translating the spatial distribution of flood maps to street views and visualisation. These amended and improved tools will be used during ‘workshops’ in two case study locations.


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