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Researching the design of a flood resilient coastal settlement in Par Docks, Cornwall, UK. Shortlisted in the Landscape Institutes International Flood Ideas Competition.

The 2012 UK Climate Change impact risk assessment highlighted flooding as the single greatest threat the UK faces (DEFRA, 2012). Coastlines serve as a crucial economic, transport, cultural, recreational, and agricultural thresholds, however, with the impacts of climate change, this boundary is facing increasing threats and pressure to adapt. There is an urgent need to readdress our paradigmatic relationship with the coastal boundary. Much of contemporary coastal policy is directed towards managed realignment, which whilst logical in the long term, can inhibit the social and economic benefits of the waters edge. Instead it is proposed we begin to design settlements with adaptation strategies in mind, configured for future rather than historic climate conditions.

This research explored the design of a flood resilent coastal settlement in Par Docks, Cornwall.. a town that remains open to the sea whilst safe from it. The proposal employs an 'EMBRACE' strategy for shoreline management.. in which parts of the town inhabit the interstitial space between land and sea, enabling increased interaction with the waters edge, whilst also facilitating a long term strategy for managed realignment.


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