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We offer training for a variety of themes (see below), tailored to suit a wide range of different audiences (from government agencies, local authorities and community groups, right through to industry / commercial organisations). To ensure each topic is clearly and concisely covered, we use a range of different tools for communication (such as richly illustrated case studies / worked examples) and enhance each program with feedback from the last.


Over the years we've developed and delivered lectures and training on a wide range of different environmental themes. In many cases they relate to the projects and research studies we've conducted. Since 2016 we've been running RIBA's core training on flood resilient design.


We've recently begun delivering webinars, not just for the RIBA but through are own 'Extreme Environments' series at TEDS. These provide an opporunity for outreach and knowledge sharing with an

international audience.


One of the key ways in which we disseminate the findings developed in our research and design work is through publications. To date our work has been featured in a range of formats including: printed books, good online practice guides, government and RIBA policy reports, peer reviewed journals and via mainstream news outlets/articles.


This training was part of the RIBA's Core CPD 2021 program that covers 10 topics architects and designers should be train on. This 2.5hr session introduces participants to the fundamentals of flood resilient design at the catchment, community, street and building scale. 


This can now be delivered as in-practice training and to find out more about what the session covers and how to make a booking enquiry, click on the button below. 

In 2022 TEDS worked as part of a team (inc. CIWEM & Partners) that were commissioned by the Environment Agency to develop training on property flood resilience.


The comprehensive suite of Property Flood Resilience (PFR) training that has been created unifies the PFR industry and establishes competencies for those delivering PFR in accordance with the Code of Practice for PFR. To find out more about what it covers and how to register, click on the button below. 

Image by Don Lodge


If you're interested in recieving training for any of the themes in which we specialise we'd love to hear from you.

We have a series of set, certified sessions but can also tailor material to suit your particular needs.

Thanks for submitting!

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