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The Environmental Design Studio (TEDS) is an award-winning trans-disciplinary design practice.

 We design + research ways to make the natural + built 
environment more resilient to the impacts of climate change. 

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The Flood Resilient Garden 

- Chelsea Flower Show 2024 - 

The Flood Resilient Garden.jpg

The Climate Creatives Challenge

Challenge #05 is live now, the theme:


Meet "FLO" the Climate Camper

A fully electric VW ID Buzz campervan, available
to rent from Goboony. A TEDS initiative
to support and enable low carbon adventuring. 

Flo climate camper.jpg
“We're at the start of
the climate decade...
the ideas in this book are exactly what we should be doing to adapt."

Emma Howard Boyd

UK Commissioner to the Global Commission on Adaptation & 

Former chair of the Environment Agency

LEGO FLOOD HOUSE_Resilient Side_ISO 2.jpg

The LEGO Flood House

Meet the LEGO Flood House set, a new innovative tool for engaging communities on flood resilience interventions.


A pair of terrace houses are shown, one that is vulnerable and damaged by the flood water and the other that is flood resilient. The home that is resilient has a variety of elements that help make the house more flood resistant and recoverable. Flood resilience measures are shown in yellow in the set to make it clear which elements are helping to change the consequences the family and their home endures.


The project needs 10,000 supporters on the LEGO Ideas platform to be considered to be made into an official kit that could be purchased in shops. The perfect solution for mainstreaming PFR that is fun, engaging and understood by all whilst also being scalable, easy to use, low cost and easily transportable for FCERM professionals and projects.

Get ready to build, play, and conquer floods with the LEGO Flood House set – because together, we can weather any storm!

The LEGO Flood House set has been developed and proposed by Blue Heart and The Environmental Design Studio, as part of the Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme.

The project is funded by Defra as part of the £200 million Flood and Coastal Innovation Programmes which is managed by the Environment Agency. The programmes will drive innovation in flood and coastal resilience and adaptation to a changing climate.

The 'Hazard + Hope' Initiative

Informing and inspiring adaptation and resilience to a changing climate



A free to access educational series, which includes:

  • What makes up flood water?

  • How to make your home more flood resilient?

  • How to find out your flood risk context?

  • How to make your kitchen more flood resilient?

  • How to make your kitchen more flood resilient?

  • How to make a cafe more flood resilient?


 What makes up 

 flood water ? 

Showcasing real life success stories of flood resilient homes and businesses

" It's like 

Grand Design's,

but for flooding and resilience "


We specialise in climate resilient design. The projects and initiatives we work on span from the catchment, community, street, plot and human scale.

Resilient Design


A key way in which we engage with at risk communities and innovate on climate adaptation is through design research. We work on private and publicly funded studies.

Design Research